What the Hell is this About?

The “What the Hell Happened to Me in Seminary” series is a group of blog posts from people who currently attend or graduated from Seminary and the stories that make up their experiences.

Every Seminarian has heard the question, “What the hell happened to you… your Jesus… your faith… your old way of thinking… your life” while in seminary?

There is a misconception about those who attend seminary; many think that the process is simply learning theological ideas about the bible. Many believe that attending (and if you’re fortunate enough, graduating from) seminary is about getting “just another degree.”

That could be further from the truth.

Those who choose to answer The Call face much scrutiny, endure major life losses, and experience inconceivable rejection from the people and places that we once belonged to.

This blog is a place for us to tell those stories.

Not for our own gain, but to use our experiences to draw people closer to Christ.

That is, in fact, what this is all about.

Fill out the short form below and I’ll contact you directly about how to submit your story, photo, and short bio for the site.

Let’s raise some hell! 🙂



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